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Photo of Town of Ramsgate, click for larger image

Princess of Prussia, Prescott St E1. This is an unusual pub, for a start it is about five times bigger inside than you would think it was judging from the outside! It is also has a more interesting interior than the rather bland exterior would lead you to expect. Most surprising though, is the service, instead of the usual abysmal service one has come to expect in central London pubs, this place shows how it can and should be done. The staff are on the lookout for customers requiring service, they serve them quickly and efficiently and do so in a polite and friendly manner. Why oh why aren't all pubs like this?
I revisited this pub in May 2003, what a surprise, I walked in and the pub seemed to have shrunk to about a quarter of its previous size. It turns out that a large chunk of the pub was actually part of the next door office building and was rented from them. I don't know the full story, but what I heard was that the greed heads that own the office building decided they wanted their space back, so three quarters of the pub was bricked off to become part of the office building, leaving the pub a shadow of its previous self. That this can happen, a great pub is effectively destroyed, is a scandal. If I was in charge then the greedy, mean spirited Philistines that do things like this would find themselves up against a wall wearing blindfolds . . . .
Photo of The British Prince, click for larger image

The British Prince, Bromley Street E1.

Photo of The  Dog & Truck, click for larger image

The Dog & Truck, Church Lane E1.

Photo of The Old House at Home Pub, click for larger image

The Old House at Home, Watney Street E1.

Photo of The Blind Beggar, click for larger image

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel Road E1.
Once the haunt of gangsters, now with a trendy restaurant tacked on the side.

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