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Photo of The Crown,, click for larger image

The Crown, Grove Road E3. I was very disappointed with this place. It claims to be a completely organic pub, serving only organic beer as well as organic food. Fine, the problem is, that while once it was a proper pub, (there is still a forgotten Fullers sign, high on one of the outside walls), every pub like fixture and fitting seems to have been removed. What is left is a bland, dull room, bare wood floors support too many bare wood tables and chairs, with about as much pub atmosphere as your local timber merchants! It's not cheap either, 3 a pint for organic lager, I didn't ask for a second pint.
Photo of The Imperial Crown, click for larger image

The Imperial Crown, St Leonard's Street E3.

Photo of The Palm Tree, click for larger image

The Palm Tree, off Haverfield Road E3. On the banks of the Regent's Canal, just south of Roman Road.

Photo of The Matter of Time, click for larger image

The Matter of Time, Mile End Road E3.
If you are heading east on the Central or District Line Tube and it's really hot and you are dying for a pint, you could do worse than jump off at Mile End and turn right out of the station. This friendly, ex Firkin pub, is just a few yards up the road.

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