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You may argue that the rest of the photos in this section are of places that are not really famous, you are probably right! While most Londoners will know them, I suspect that most non-Londoners won't. I include them here because I wanted to keep the "Not so Famous" section for places that most Londoners wouldn't know, and I can't think where else to put them!

Photo of City Hall, click for larger image

City Hall, otherwise known as the GLA building. Home of the Mayor of London and the Greater London Assembley, on the south side of the Thames, near Tower Bridge.

Photo of The MI6 Building, click for larger image

The MI6 (Secret Service) Building by Vauxhall Bridge. I love this building, so many planes and lines and curves, a modern building with some style, regrettably unusual. The balloon was not someone trying to glean their secrets! It was tethered at Spring Gardens SE11 for the summer, giving trips to the public.

Photo of The MI6 Building, click for larger image
Photo of The Cafe Royal, click for larger image

Cafe Royal, Regent Street W1. Swanky eatery near Piccadilly Circus.

Photo of TheLeadenhall Market, click for larger image

Leadenhall Market, Gracechurch Street EC3. Beautiful covered market, thronged with people during the week, deserted at the weekend.

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