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Photo of The Oxo Tower, click for larger image

Oxo Tower, Barge House Street SE1. Oxo is the brand name of a stock cube. The story is that when this building was built, advertising along the river was banned, so the windows in the tower were shaped to the letters OXO to get round the ban!
Photo of Camden Market, click for larger image

Camden Lock Market, NW1. This place is so popular....

Photo of Camden Market, click for larger image

....they even use narrow boats to get here!

Photo of Covent Garden, click for larger image

Covent Garden. Once a wholsale fruit and vegatable market, now full of cafes, bars and shops, popular with both Londoners and tourists.

Photo of The London Dungeon, click for larger image

The London Dungeon, Tooley Street SE1. Come and scare yourself silly!

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