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Photo of a Chevrolet Corvette, click for larger image

Chevrolet Corvette. It's not often that you see one of these going past Westminster Station! I'm glad I always carrying a camera, would have hated missing such a beautiful car.
Photo of a Narrow Boat , click for larger image

Narrow Boat on the Grand Union Canal near Regent's Park, what a lovely way to travel!

Photo of a Trotting Horse, click for larger image

Trotting Horse, a rare sight now, these used to be more commonplace in the East End of London. I spotted this one on Victoria Dock Rd, E16.

Photo of Austin A40, click for larger image

Austin A40.
Seen in Stepney September 2002, if anyone has any information about this car or is interested in the marque, then they should contact The A40 Farina Club. They also have links to many other classic car sites.

Photo of Morris 1000 Traveler, click for larger image

Morris 1000 Traveler.

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