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Photo of Police Phone Box, click for larger image

A rare sight now, and no longer in use. (This one is in Queen Victoria Street, EC4.) In the days before personal radios the "Bobby on the Beat" would use the phone in this box to keep in touch with the police station. The public could also use it to contact the police in an emergency.
Photo of Red Phone Box, click for larger image

There are a few of these red phone boxes left in London but not many, This one is in Whitehall SW1.

Photo of Letter Box, click for larger image

Not many of this style of postbox left either, this one by Chiswick Bridge.

Photo of Hammersmith Palais Sign, click for larger image

This advertisment for the Hammersmith Palais is at the Hammersmith & City Line Station. Note the pre-decimal prices, 2/6 was two shillings and six pence or half a crown, the equivelent to 12 1/2 pence!

Photo of Detail of Five Kings House, click for larger image

Seems to me that Thames House is a perfectly adequate name, why deface this building by changing its name, what does it achieve?

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