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Photo of Drinking Fountain, click for larger image

Disused drinking fountain on Highgate Hill, N3. When I was a boy these things were dotted about all over the place, and very welcome they were after a hot and sweaty bike ride. Some of the older ones had a trough attached to them so your horse could get a drink too! I suppose that maintenance costs and health regulations were their downfall.
Photo of Bayswater Road, click for larger image

London Marathon 2002, strange costumes some of the runners' wear!

Photo of St James's Park click for larger image

Detail of The Houses of Parliament, Old Palace Yard SW1.

Photo of Ticket Signs, click for larger image

I have this vision of my friend Jeff who often has a problem making his mind up about something. He wants a ticket, takes a step to the left, changes his mind, steps back, takes a step to the right, changes his mind. . . .

Photo of Dogs click for larger image

Dogs cooling off in the River Lea near Lea Bridge

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