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Photo of The Sanctuary Pub, click for larger image

The Sanctuary, 33 Tothill Street SW1H 9LA . One of a chain of Fullers Ale & Pie houses, not a bad pub although the service is quite hit and miss, part of the Sanctuary House Hotel.
Photo of The Old Star Pub, click for larger image

The Old Star, 66 Broadway SW1H 0DB.
On the left the "old" Old Star, on the right the "new", enlarged Old Star. Run much better than it used to be, not bad for an after work pint or two.

Photo of The Old Star Pub, click for larger image

Photo of The Shakespeare Pub, click for larger image

The Shakespeare, 99 Buckingham Palace Road SW1W 0RP.
Spacious pub right outside Victoria Station, horrendously expensive. I have a theory that you always get lousy service in pubs outside railway stations, they are guaranteed to get customers as people coming out of the station who want a pub but don't know the area are bound to go into them. They don't have to give good service to get customers, so they don't, and they can overcharge the customers they do get, so they do. The moral is always walk around the corner, there's bound to be a cheaper pub with better service just out of sight of the station!

Photo of The Spread Eagle, click for larger image

The Spread Eagle, 79 Grosvenor Road SW1V 3LA .

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