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Photo of The Speaker Pub, click for larger image

The Speaker, Perkins Rents SW1. Called The Elephant & Castle before it was tarted up, "The speaker" refers to the Speaker of the House of Commons which is nearby. Why they have to change the name of a pub just because it's been re-decorated is beyond me!
Photo of The Paxton's Head Pub, click for larger image

Paxton's Head, Knightsbridge SW1.

Photo of The Tom Cribb Pub, click for larger image

The Tom Cribb, Panton Street SW1.
Small pub near Leicester Square, named after a bygone pugilist.

Photo of The Cask and Glass Pub, click for larger image

The Cask and Glass, Palace Street SW1.
Tiny, good looking pub with Real Ale, not very friendly when I was there but I understand that it has since changed hands.

Photo of The Orange Brewery Pub, click for larger image

The Orange Brewery, Pimlico Road SW1.
This elegent building used to be a brew pub, but alas no longer, now nothing special at all.

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