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Photo of The Mitre Pub, click for larger image

The Mitre, Craven Terrace W2. One of the very few unspoilt pubs left, well worth a visit.
Photo of The Firkin Brewery, click for larger image

Firkin Brewery, Chilworth Street W2. Don't think they brew here anymore.

Photo of The Sir Alexander Fleming Pub, click for larger image

Sir Alexander Fleming, St Michael's Street W2.
Not far from St Mary's Hospital this rough and ready pub is named after the person who discovered penicillin.

Photo of The Fountains Abbey Pub, click for larger image

Fountains Abbey, Praed Street W2.
Lively pub with good service, close to Paddington Station.

Photo of The Great Western Pub, click for larger image

The Great Western, Praed Street W2.
Small traditional pub with good service.

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