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Photo of The Pride of Paddington Pub, click for larger image

Pride of Paddington, Spring Street W2. This pub is nothing to be proud of, its typical of pubs outside stations that have a guaranteed clientele, slow service, high prices and a larger than normal quota of riffraff. There are much better pubs nearby, see above and below.
Photo of The Sawyers Arms Pub, click for larger image

Sawyers Arms, London Street W2.
Better quality pub than most near Paddington Station.

Photo of The Sussex Arms Pub, click for larger image

The Sussex Arms, London Street W2.
Nice looking place but had a rather unpleasant atmosphere when I was there.

Photo of The Swan Tavern, click for larger image

The Swan Tavern, 66 Bayswater Road W2.
Busy pub opposite Hyde Park, popular eating spot, many tourists.

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