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Photo of The Ship & Shovel Pub, click for larger image

The Ship & Shovel, Craven Passage WC2. A pub in two halves! One of my favourite London pubs, good beer and, unusually for this area, well run too. Sells Hofbrau made in UK under license to Hofbrau of Munich, much better quality than normal UK brewed lager.
Photo of The George Pub, click for larger image

Photo of The Gorge Pub, click for larger image

The George, Aldwych WC2.
Opposite the Law Courts, this pub's good looks outside are matched inside!

Photo of The Cheshire Cheese Pub, click for larger image

The Cheshire Cheese, Little Essex Street WC2.
Not to be confused with its more famous cousin, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, which is in nearby Fleet Street.

Photo of The Devereaux Pub, click for larger image

The Devereaux, Devereaux Court WC2.
Tucked away behind The George, this elegant pub seems to be a favourite of the legal profession.

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